Baby Troy Nicolas Toepper

1st Month out of the Hospital!

After a month growing in the NICU (Neo Natal Intensive Care) Troy is finally home with his parents.  It is hard to describe to those who have not had preemie's how emotionally difficult and confusing it can be to not have your child home after they are born.  For me, it was almost a false reality as I knew I had a new son but didn't get to "have" him yet.  Nicole almost went crazy as her bond was being strained as well. Still living under the rules of the hospital, wearing gowns and scrubbing before entering the room every time did grow old, but it was necessary.  Troy needed the help and Long Beach Memorial's Miller Children's Hospital gave him Excellent care.  Anyway, enough babble, onto TROY the 1st MONTH at home.

Troy's new bed

Troy's first Bath at home.

These overalls are really overall.  Though you have to love the new preemie outfit.

The feeling of a fresh Diaper!

Troy watches us wash the cars...or rather...sleeps while we wash the cars.  This was his first time out of the house for any period of time.  It was a beautiful day, right around 74.

Troy went to his first Pediatrician visit this month.  4 lbs 14 OZ.  That is great news, almost 5 lbs...What a relief to know that he is back to gaining weight.


Troy goes for his first Pizza Run!   Actually we took Troy on his first walk through the park to pick up our dinner.  Ahem... attention Papa John's... this is the first pizza Troy has ever smelled and was very content with it tucked under his stroller...surely this is worth a free pizza for the promotion....Maybe Troy could be your youngest promoter!  He has already had a spot on Korean TV in December....




Jan 30th, 2007


Beware the Cannon


Beware the Cannon


Ive often heard how the topics of your conversations, as a couple, changes drastically after you have a child.  Long, interesting talks on politics, movies or the vagaries of the local real estate market give way to detailed descriptions of poop, spit up and other bodily functions.  As in many of the tips and observations Ive gotten from veteran parents this one is definitely true.  Jim and I spend an inordinate amount of time speculating on the frequency and health of Troys poo, his eating habits and the state of his diaper in general.

 The first month or two of his life Troy was the most regular boy Id ever met.  So regular in fact that you could count on a messy diaper nearly every time he was changed, which is 6 or more times per day.  But the times, theyve been a changing.  Lately his inner workings have slowed considerably.  From a high of probably 8 a day hes down to every day or two.  As you can imagine weve been concerned.  And this concern has made every gross diaper an absolute event.  Hurray!!  Woo Hoo!  Yippee!!  Troy has had a massive poo!!!   

 Today to my utter delight he really let loose.  Completely wrecked his diaper.  No mother has ever been prouder.  It was a 3 wipe job, for sure.  I was so engrossed with the clean up that I forgot the first rule of parenting a male baby.  Beware the Cannon.  You cant get so wrapped up in #2 that you forget that #1 can let go at any time.  And go he did.  Almost right in my face.   There I was busily cleaning between his legs when I noticed a stream headed my way.  I was lucky and able to jump back in time, which is a miracle considering my face was less than 6 inches from his groin.  This probably would have been a much funnier story if hed hit the mark, but I have no doubt that Ill forget my own words someday soon and have a hilarious pee story to share with everyone.

 As a side note I had a home visit with a nurse today.  She assured me that his recent changes are normal and in fact a very good sign.  It means hes converting more the milk into energy rather than letting it run so quickly through his system.  Hes up to 5lbs, 13 ozs and we expect him to be right around 6lbs by this Friday, when hell be getting his first round of immunizations.


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