Baby Troy Nicolas Toepper

Week 2


Troy is up to 3lbs 4.5oz

His first BIG smile! Today Troy had lots of visitors.  Nicole's friends Christine and Dianne & Vic stop by to see Troy.  He is soo popular.  If we leave the window shade open he always draws a crowd.  Quite a charismatic chap for being only 8 days old.



Troy is up to 3lbs 6.5oz

Sleepy for lunch but very active for dinner which is a burly 27cc's every three hours.  Talk about a hungry man dinner.  Today he grabbed a hold of my finger and wouldn't let go and was able to pull my whole arm almost completely off...  well almost, but he definitely has some strength in him.


Incidentally, Nicole is sick today and has was very upset that she was not able to see Troy for fear of transferring her cold to him.

Troy's Dinner plate:  27cc's of goodness: 



Jim visited Troy for lunch, he was super active and had a bout of hiccups.  Lucky Jim, he got to witness an exploding diaper.  The nurse went to pick Troy up and got a hand full of poo instead.  He's eating approximately 200 calories a day and gained a little less than an ounce overnight, he now weighs in at an impressive 3lbs, 7.2ozs.  By tomorrow he'll probably be 3 1/2 lbs.



Troy is up to 3.5 lbs!  3lbs 8 oz!

He is also taking 28cc of food.

Very sleepy today, probably concentrating on growing...


Troy is now 3lbs 9oz and taking 29cc of food.  They also tried to nipple feed him for the first "official time, but he was not having it.  Not yet...  They will try again next week.(Sunday).  They are also slowly decreasing the temperature in his isolette (incubator) until it is at room temperature. Troy seems to be able to maintain his temperature pretty well, but he burns calories while doing it.  Time to up the food again.  He should be in a normal infant holder thing in a couple days.

Fight the power!

2 seconds later...OK I am done fighting the power


Troy is 3lbs 9.5oz and is taking 30cc

Nicole attempted to breast feed with Troy and he managed to get a couple gulps before he pooped out (not literally).  He is just too small and doesn't have enough energy yet to go the distance, but at least he tried!  Almost out of the isolette.  Just another day now...

...a ponderous moment


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Visitors! (Sorry we missed a few pics, we will try to get them all)

Thank you to all those who have visited so far.... Julie, Amy, Leesa, Andrea, Kathy, Dee, Ed, Larry, Patty, Matthew, Christine, Dianne, Vic, Casey, Mike, Danni, Jake, Mason, Katelyn.

Thank you for all the calls too!

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