Baby Troy Nicolas Toepper is 3 lbs

16 inches long

He is breathing on his own and is Healthy.

Week 1


11:46AM Baby is born via C section with umbilical cord tightly around his neck, so tight that it snaps during delivery.   Good thing Dr. S  insisted on c section.  The cord around the neck was causing the slowing of the heartbeat.

He is in the Prenatal Intensive Care room and is breathing regular air but is assisted by two small tubes that are fed through his nose. We have heard him Cry and he has of course opened his eyes.(Briefly so I am not sure exactly what color they are, but I think brown)  His bed is a covered temperature controlled unit which he will remain in for a few days.  He will then be moved in with the rest of the babies in the non intensive care premature nursery.  

Troy is a bit of a cone head for now.  That should round back out in a couple days.

He will likely be spending the rest of the month in the hospital and we may be able to take him home the first of the new year.

Nicole is doing well.  She is very tired and is resting.  She will be here another 3 days.

Thank you again for all your support, we look forward to seeing you all in January when our baby is safe and at our new home.



Troy was originally sent to the second to highest intensive care unit.  This meant he was given help breathing and was under constant supervision.  Today Troy was upgraded to third to highest intensive care. As you can see below, he no longer has any tubes for air and just requires an IV for food for now.  He is doing well.  Next stop is the "fat farm" where he will be sent to GROW.  Today he is still in a protective capsule which limits his exposure to germs etc. Once in the fat farm he will be in a regular infant bed.  As you can see Mom is doing well and is feeling pretty good.  She is already walking all the way to the NICU to see Troy.  She may get to go home tomorrow or Wed at the latest.  Unfortunately, Troy may have to stay until Jan 21st.


Not quite in the fat farm yet.  Troy took his first bottle today and also had a chance to breast feed with Nicole.  She was very happy about that.  They definitely bonded.  Unfortunately, the nurse was mistaken and was NOT supposed to feed via bottle or breast yet.  In fact it was against Doctors orders.  Hmm, I think we will have to keep a closer eye on Troy.  Turns out you could get an infection due to intolerance at such an early age.  That could lead to pneumonia.  Sooooo... Troy now has a super mini feeding tube through his nose to get him used to food slowly and get his energy up until he is ready for the good stuff direct from the manufacturer.  For now Nicole is pumping and they add some of it to his feedings when they can.  Troy weighs in at 1329(2.9lbs).  Down from 1375(3lbs).  It is normal to loose a little weight after the first few days even for premature babies.  As a bonus during the Weighing, Nicole got to give Troy his first bath.  We now know that Troy has an extra strong pair of lungs due to how loud he was crying, but that is a good thing...for now.


Nicole is very mobile, she may be released today, but wants to stay to be close to Troy. He is now up to 1369g  3.01lbs  Gaining weight time!  Each of us also had the chance to change his poopy diaper today.  I now know a perfect new formula for an industrial adhesive.



Troy is up to 3 lbs 1.5 oz getting 20 cc of food every 3 hours.

Nicole is being released today!  She is not very happy having to be further away from our new son, but I know she will also get a chance to get a good nights sleep in comfortable (albeit not adjustable) bed.  Hopefully we will get his birth certificate finalized.  I will ensure they spell my name correctly unlike on my birth certificate where my dad Larry was named Harry. 


Also the c-section Staples come out today.  Nicole is feeling super well and is already doing heavy cardio workouts.  (just kidding, making sure you are reading)


On a personal note we are both looking forward to moving into our new home in Irvine if closing goes well today and tomorrow.


This Evening Grandpa comes to visit his first Grandson.


Friday was a busy day!  This was also the day we closed on our new home (officially)!

But also, this was the official proposal day.  Bling bling look at Nicole's new ring...



Troy is up to 3lbs 3oz.  He is also only taking antibiotics through his IV.  Before he was being given nutrients through his IV and not fed through the mouth.  Lisa and the kids came by to see baby Troy.  Troy of course is trying to show off a little.  Because he does not have an IV with nutrients he has to be fed via tube through his nose.  He starts with 25cc of food.



Troy is up to 3lbs 4oz

Troy is off his IV completely.  Yea!


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