Troy Nicolas Toepper

Week 3

12/17 3lbs 10.8oz

Happy Birthday to Grandpa!  Wow he's old!

12/18 3lbs 11.5oz

Today Troy takes his first bottle EVER and his Dad got to feed him.  He took 15cc's of breast milk.  It was pretty amazing, he had to learn how to swallow and breathe  Troy was able to give it a try for about 30mins and then was too tired to do any more.  But the important thing is that he is able to drink milk now.  He will slowly ease into a regular eating habit soon, which means he is that much close to coming home.

But wait, there's more.... Troy is now an international CELEBRITY.  The folks at Korean TV came by interviewed Nicole on "Kangaroo Care" and breast feeding.  Kangaroo Care is when you have your child against your bare skin so they can regulate to your body.  It is said to calm them and form a bond to you.

Look for Troy soon on Korean TV, there will be subtitles...

  Here's an example of kangaroo care

12/19 3lbs 13oz

Troy is movin on up, to the east side, OUT OF THE ICU and into the FAT FARM.  He goes into an overflow room where his only task now is to gain weight.  That shouldn't be too hard, he is now taking 31cc's each feeding.

Check out his big boy bed and his handsome outfit (yeah!  he finally fits in preemie clothes)


12/20 3lbs 14oz

Took 15 cc's again today on the bottle.  Grandma came to visit and got to hold him.  Unfortunately Mommy forgot the camera at home.  Sorry, no photo ops today.

12/21 Troy hits the 4 LBS mark!!!

Today Troy goes straight to the Manufacturer for the best deal on Milk.  He breast fed twice today!  mmmmmmm.....

There is renewed speculation that Troy may be able to go home in 7 to 10 days!  New Years day is the target now...



12/23  The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

In hopes that Troy Nicolas soon would be there.

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