Baby Troy Nicolas Toepper

Week 4

12/24  Merry Christmas to all,

and to all a good night. 



Troy celebrated Christmas by being very alert and active.  He's growing like a weed and has been steadily increasing the amount of bottle feeds he gets each day.   Now he gets 4 out of 8 feedings through a bottle.  You can tell how impressed he is with himself.  "Yeah!  I'm the champ!!"



Growing Growing Growing, notice something here.... NO FEEDING TUBE!!!  Yeah!!! Rumors abound about how he will be going home soon.  Today we learned the ABC's of child CPR...Clear the Airway, Check for Breathing, Circulation (chest compressions).


You're making me angry, you wont like it when I'm Angry....


Told you...


Look at the preemie clothes.  They are even big on him.  He is a small one.  Also, as you can see he still has the monitor attached.



  I am soooo tired from staying up until midnight.  Happy New Year!


Did I show you my impression of a monkey yet....who who ha ha ha!


Troy has now passed the 2000 gram mark.  Just over 4 lbs 6oz



Troy is going HOME!

In the car...




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