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Rodizio's Grill

Truly a Meat lovers paradise.  Served Brazilian style (Roasted on a skewer over a fire pit).  The supply of food is endless, and very flavor full.  Turkey wrapped in bacon, top sirloin, sirloin tip, mmmm  I could go on and on.  The best part is you get to try them all for one price (around $16).  They bring the food to you fresh and hot off the "grill".  This place has also been awarded best salad bar in Denver.  Hmm a meat lovers paradise AND a good salad bar.

Suggested Meal:  The Rodizio (all you can eat), Turkey wrapped in Bacon, Mash potatoes (at salad bar and to drink-Guarana, Brazilian lemonade or lemon ice (alcoholic).


New Yorkers opened this gem near on Holly near County Line in Littleton.  If you like Gyros, I know no other place that serves them up fast and delicious.  They also offer sandwiches and pizza.  I find the Gyros steal the show though.

8030 S. Holly

Littleton, CO


Suggested Meal: Gyros Sandwich with Feta, Garlic knots and Baklava for dessert.

Chicago Mike's

Wonder Why I like this place?  Chicago Mike's really reminds me of home except that it is located east of I-25 on Arapahoe (south side) .  They serve up the best hot dogs and burgers in Colorado period.  You will find this place teeming with people from the tech center during lunch so expect a wait or go off hours.  If you are a native Chicagoan don't forget to put a pin (where you used to live) on the big map.  Yes they also have -I-talian Beef.

9614 East Arapahoe Rd.

Littleton, CO 80112


Suggested Meal: Cheese Burger, Hot Dog (with celery salt) Fries and a Coke.  Simple but Tasty.

Mustards Last Stand

Same type of place as Chicago Mike's but the Dogs are slightly smaller, to make up for it though, they make their own fries from scratch.  This Tasty delight is located on University Near DU.  Look for the big Blue V.

2081 South University Blvd

Denver, CO 80210


Suggested Meal: Polish or a Jumbo, Cheese fries and a Coke.

Rocky Mountain Pie

Now here is a real treat.  If you are from Chicago you miss Pizza, real Pizza.  This my friend, is the real thing, well so the crust isn't perfect, but I dare you to find better Real Chicago Style Pizza in Colorado. .  I know it sounds unlikely but trust me, this is good stuff.  For those of you not from Chicago, give it a try, you will not go back to "regular" pizza ever again.  Make sure you order the Chicago style and give yourself 45 minutes (perfection takes time).

8854 Maximus Dr.

Lone Tree, CO  80124


Suggested Meal:  Chicago Style Pizza (small for 2 people, Large for 3 or more).

Planet Sub

The Best Subs you will ever have.  With just a few locations, consider yourself lucky if you live near one.  (worth a 30 min. drive if you don't)  Hot subs in several varieties, you will leave with a stuffed belly. Click the link for more info and other locations.


Unfortunately this restaurant has closed down.

Suggested Meal:  The Planet Sub, Foot (if you're really hungry), some chips and a coke.  Don't forget your stamps, you will be back.

Laughing Dog Deli

Great original sandwiches.  Truly unique creations. If you are in LODO (between 19th and 20th on Blake) you'll have to stop in for Lunch.  I used to frequent this place and it is well worth the $7 sandwiches.

1925 Blake St.

Denver, CO


Suggested Meal:  Hot Corned Beef with Swiss and Dijon, Jalapeno Boulder Chips and Sobe.

The Original Pancake House

I first discovered this small chain in Chicago under the name Walker Brothers.  The line would go out the door (Hour+ wait) every Sunday.  It's a similar situation here in Colorado at the Belleview location.  This is the type of breakfast place you can go to for lunch (and is open for lunch).  It will fill you up but more importantly it is VERY tasty.  Click the link for more info and locations.

8000 East Bellview Ave.

Greenwood Village, CO 80206


Suggested Meal:  The Apple Pancake-BIG juicy and delicious  (Trust me, this is their specialty), glass of fresh squeezed OJ and a side of Bacon..


Not located in the nicest part of town (on Broadway 1 mile north of Evans) , this small gem has fantastic Calzones.  Get them with whatever you want in them, they will arrive hot and BIG.  The free breadsticks are a pleasant plus and very Tasty as well.

1310 South Broadway

Denver, CO  80210


Suggested Meal:  Calzone and a Pasquini's red ale, don't forget dessert they are all good!.

Woody's Wings and Things

Located in Aurora on Buckley north of Iliff, this wings place is good.  They serve them up hot and fresh.  Don't forget the fries, they are tasty too.  Woody's also sells fried fish stuff but you know how I feel about seafood.  Evidently so successful, there are now multiple sites!

1740 South Buckley

Aurora, CO 80017


Suggested Meal-Lunch special (if I recall correctly) 15 wings, fries and a coke for cheap.

Americas Bar and Grill

Just like the website says, best happy hour in Denver.  $ .15 hot wings.  And they are GOOD!  Don't forget the fries they are fantastic and always arrive "burn your mouth hot" and fresh.  Drink specials are great too.  This is a true Sports Bar with pool tables and lots of TV's showing just about every game imaginable.  If you are bothered by Cigarette smoke this place may not be for you (unless you eat outside in the summer).  For me it is a small sacrifice for their tasty Wings.

7545 East Iliff

Aurora, CO 


Suggested Meal:  (for 2) 20 Wings Denver Hot with Ranch, fries, and a pitcher of your choice. 

Benders Brats

Who better to make FRESH bratwurst then a Wisconsin native?  Bob makes them and cooks them fresh every day.  I have to argue that it is the best brat place in the Denver Area (6th and Chambers in Aurora)  It is making me drool as I write this.  You shouldn't miss this one folks, it's worth the trip.

15343 E. 6th Ave

Aurora, CO 80011


Suggested Meal- Double Brat with Cheese, chips and a coke.

BD's Mongolian BBQ

Another all you can eat place, sound scary?  Not this place. Located near 16th and Wazee street in LODO, at BD's You make your meal, they cook it. Just pick the ingredients put them in a bowl add oil and other seasonings give it to the chef and watch him throw it on the HUGE grill, cooking it right in front of you.  Don't forget to tip the chefs, its hot where they are standing.

1600 Pearl

Boulder, CO 80302


Suggested Meal-The Mongolian BBQ, with MEAT ; ).  Add a couple ladles of sesame oil, garlic and ginger, a little red pepper sauce for heat.   

Lam's Garden Express

Their Lunch Specials are a smokin' deal.  I feel bad because it is in a terrible location, but seem to keep the customers coming.  That says something.  By the way, you will have leftovers, so consider sharing or take home what you don't eat and get two meals for the price of one.

15622 E 6 Ave
Aurora 80011 - 9048
(303) 360-8989

Suggested Meal- Any lunch special, but my favorite is General Tso's Chicken with hot and sour soup.

Little Holly's Asian Cafe

Again great lunch specials, but don't miss out on the Crab Rangoon.  It is the best I have had.  The service is nice and the atmosphere is very pleasant for the price.  This Chinese restaurant comes highly recommended.

2223 W Wildcat Reserve Pkwy
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129 - 2401
(303) 683-5558

Suggested Meal- General Tso's Chicken , hot and sour soup and Crab Rangoon.

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