Minnesota (Minneapolis/St. Paul)


Uncle Franky's

728 Broadway St. NE

Minneapolis, MN  55493



Chicago style eats in MN.  Yes they serve Vienna Beef hot dogs and -I-talian Beef.


Suggested Meal:  Dogs and Fries.

Green Mill

The closest thing to Chicago style I have been able to find in MN.  Know of any others?  Let me know!

Suggested Meal- Deep dish with Pepperoni.  Their Sausage is just OK.

Gina Maria

The best THIN crust pizza in MN.  This place is GOOD!  They are an independent chain with 2 locations.  They even have on line ordering!  Nice!

Suggested Meal- Regular pizza with Peperoni

Kahn's Mogolian BBQ

2220 Snelling Ave.

Roseville, MN 55113


Another all you can eat place, sound scary?  Not this place. Located just off 435 and snelling at Kahn's, You make your meal, they cook it. Just pick the ingredients put them in a bowl add oil and other seasonings give it to the chef and watch him throw it on the HUGE grill, cooking it right in front of you.  Don't forget to tip the chefs, its hot where they are standing.

Suggested Meal-The Mongolian BBQ, with MEAT  and Noodles ; ).  Add a couple ladles of sesame oil, garlic and ginger, a little red pepper sauce for heat.   


Cecil's Deli

651 Cleveland Ave.

St. Paul, MN



Another Chicago style eats in MN.  They serve Vienna Beef hot dogs and -I-talian Beef but also Corned beef from the vienna sausage company.  You can buy frozen Vienna beef dogs here and take them home and cook them up fresh whenever you want and not have to leave home.  You could even introduce your neighbors to Chicago style dogs....if there are any left after you get to them....


Suggested Meal-Corned Beef sandwich on Rye with Swiss.  Its piled high with Meat!  Don't forget to take some dogs home with you.

Scott Ja-Mama's

3 West Diamond Lake Rd.

Minneapolis, MN 55419



This place is as small as a shoe box.  They do a couple things right though... Ribs and Pork Sandwiches.  There are only two tables so plan on take out.  The hot BBQ sauce is Hot but definitely tasty.


Suggested Meal- Pork Sandwich for lunch, Ribs for Dinner.

Cam Ranh Bay

Vietnamese Food.  Great lunch specials.  It is usually pretty crowded at lunch during the week but there's never really a long wait.  Order extra hot if you want any kind of heat. 

Suggested Meal- The lunch special (Hot and Spicy chicken, cream cheese WonTon white rice and 'coughing soup')

8244 Commonwealth Dr.

Eden Prarie, MN


Magic Tai Cafe

1258 Lone Oak Road

Eagan, MN 55121



Don't order extra hot unless you have Bowels of steel.

Deli Supreme

What can I say, I love Gyros.  There are not too many places that you can get good gyros off a spit in Minnesota, That's why there is Deli Supreme!  Something unique about their Gyros is that they have a Spicy one, smothered with Franks Red Hot.  Perfect for those cold Minnesota winters.  They don't have Saganaki last time I was in.  Request it, maybe the owner will bring it on the menu if enough people ask. 

Suggested Meal- Spicy Gyros and a cookie