Texas Eats!

Bari's Pasta and Pizza

FLOWER MOUND, TX 75022 - 2736
(972) 539-7091

Italian in TX?  How is that possible?  A couple displaced NY'ers came to TX and opened their dream restaurant.  There is no equal to the sauce they use for their Italian sub.  Give it a good shake though before you 'pour' it on.  Be sure to get some of their fresh baked Garlic rolls too.  They are a true Italian restaurant so don't forget to consider their pastas too.

Suggested Meal- Super Sub with lots of sauce, and an order of Garlic bread.

Spring Creek BBQ

Served like a cafeteria, everything is great.  They even come around to your table with Hot Fresh Bread.

LEWISVILLE, TX 75067 - 8310
(972) 315-2755

Ham and Eggs

I hope you are hungry.  Pancakes the sized of Frisbees, and Omelets made with so many eggs they lost count.  Everything IS big in Texas.  This place is a blast to bring out of towners to.  The food is good, but the portions are unbelievably HUGE!

297 W ROUND GROVE RD # 190
LEWISVILLE, TX 75067 - 8147
(972) 315-1155

Suggested Meal- Pancakes, and Bacon.