1991 Nissan SE-R



All new within the last 6 months:

New Belts, new 5th Gear(was a common problem with Sentras), New Clutch Disk (Nissan HP),  New Pressure plate (Nissan HP), Clutch cable, speedo cable, New AGX adjustable struts front and rear, New Eibach Pro kit springs (lowers it 1.5"), , new ball joint (passenger side), new OEM wires, cap, rotor and plugs, passenger side Half Shaft, Fog Lights, Calipers are 1 year old.


Other modifications:

Stillen POP charger intake, Hotshots header and downpipe, Stillen Exhaust, Front Strut Tower brace.

Sidewinder Keyless entry alarm, remote trunk pop. 


This car new, stock would pull a 0-60 in 7.0 sec  with the mods you should be in the 6's.  The limited slip is also a very nice feature.




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