Halloween '97

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 Capt. with his flasher outfit(or Lack there of) "I'm to sexy for my shirt.."capt.jpg (5860 bytes)
Jim Himself as a snake charmer(someone's got to do it...)chic.JPG (8359 bytes)

REDRUM! You've gotta see the other pictures ofJosh the devil.

devil.jpg (7186 bytes) devil3.jpg (6968 bytes) josh1.jpg (47479 bytes) The funniest thing was about this costume was the fact that Josh cut a hole under the chin so that he could drink his beer through a straw through the mask.

sean.jpg (7104 bytes)"Right, I'll lop your head off..." Sean the midevil man says.
"I'm with you on that me love.."Says jen the Midevil woman.jen.jpg (6867 bytes)

heather.jpg (13614 bytes)"My name is Heather I'm just an innocent shcool girl (By day...)"

Wiked witch of the West-Melissa.melissa.jpg (7649 bytes)

dna.jpg (11741 bytes)BOO!Sprout and Alicia sportin' the Hilton sheets...(April and Dave)

See you next Halloween!!!