Halloween  Pictures '98    
(Please be patient there are a lot of pictures here)

Yeah thats me, pretty scary if I do say so myself, you can't see all the blood and ripped clothing I was also toting butI thought this was a good pic.

There is Amber, she looks kind of like a dead Homie the Clown but I think she was shooting for the clown from Steven King's IT.  Next to her is Maryln Monroe, I thought it looked more like Anna Nicole Smith, but Liz insisted that it was Marlyn.
Here is April.  She's a real Ace. This is the only time she wasn't laughing. Hey April, where's your drink???
Here is Josh, the burrito loving Mexican.  He actually did eat frozen burritos all night to add to his costume.( He used rubber cement to keep his mustache on, maybe the buzz it gave him made him get the munchies)

Here's an odd looking bunch of individuals... The Mexican better look out; that vampire looks thirsty

Who can resist Marilyn's charm?
Watch out for the drunk monster!

The Mexican was offered another burrito for a second picture. After this he shot the poodle next door for dessert.

Looks like a frat boy to me! Beware of this bad boy.

Quick, call the enquirer.. we've been abducted by aliens!  This is John before he was taken by aliens. poor guy, he was just trying to party. Take notice of the psycho clown in the backround. how many drinks has that thing had already?

Tarrik is missing his head! he looks like phil jackson (ex bulls coach) if you look carefully you can tell where his head is.. there's a big clue to his right. hmmmmm.....

Here's a vampire that needs to suck more blood. didn't you get enough at the party???


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