Katrina Marie Toepper

8-8-2008  3:12pm

6lbs    18inches

Kate was born by C-section at 3:12 pm on 8-8-08.  The Chinese consider this day to be one of the luckiest days ever.  We couldn't agree more as this time we have a perfectly healthy baby girl.  This birth is our second and was a far different experience then our 1st with Troy.  This time the baby was considered "Full Term" at 36 weeks of gestation.  Because of this and the healthy condition of young Kate we were able to be with her from the second she was born and she has not left our side since.

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Update: 1pm 8/11 

The baby is perfectly healthy and so is Nicole.  While she is still in pain from the operation, she is still able to walk short distances.  We are very fortunate that Kate let us sleep a little last night se we are somewhat rested and coherent.  We will be discharged today at around 3 and returning home.  Kate will be going to her new home!




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