Independent Cruiser Related Sites

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-Morgan's site is an excellent source of info.  Focused on the FJ-55.

- Awesome site, New TLC FAQ ETC.

-Brian puts some great information together on this site.

Jeff Zepp's Cruiser Page -Great Restoration step by step procedures with pics.

Another great Restoration Page!

Jill and Neil's Cruiser Restoration Page - Great write up on instrument light fix and good general restoration ideas.

- Garie's personal LC dedicated Web site.  Garie is a nice guy and knows a lot about Cruisers.

A great no holds barred get to the point source of info.  Message boards and product reviews.

Cruiser Restoration Page

Crushers Rule-  Another Cruiser Restoration Page, talks about both fiberglass and Aluminum.

- A nice site documenting the adventures of Tigger the FJ-40.  Makes me miss Colorado...

Mikes 4x4 Page - Chris is a great guys and has a great site, 40, 60, and 80.

George's 80 site - Great new LED light for cruisers and more

Toyota Off Road- See what you are missing out on in the rest of the world

Half a Century of Land Cruiser - Toyota's own tribute to their Land Cruiser

Underwater FJ-40 - Crazy!

'71 Toy Rebuild - One of the Nicest Rebuild customization I have seen.  Nice Job Guys...

- Jim puts together some great pics and fascinating stories about his cruiser adventure.

Nuclear Lemon's site - Yet another Cruiser addict

Toyota - Not enough links here?  Check this out.

More Toyota links - More?!

LCOOL - When you get an '80 this will be your favorite site - A couple and their cruiser....

- See what Toyotas you're missing from the rest of the world

Rick's Cruiser Site - Someone knows web design, Oh and nice cruiser too...

Cruiserdude Photos - Some cool photos of Cruiser literature etc

- Another great information resource.  Tech Manuals etc.

  The ultimate compilation of Toy info

Coolerman! - Great tech write ups!

: The Web's Most Comprehensive Social Networking Community for Toyota Enthusiasts

NothingBut4x4.Com: The Web's Most Comprehensive Social Networking Community for 4x4 Enthusiasts

Land Cruiser Parts and Services Vendors

Alatao - Custom Fab work for Toyotas (Sliders, Bumpers, Engine swaps, etc) Talk to Oleg!

Chimney Canyon 4x4- Talk to Charlie, he's the man.  Great Parts and full service shop. - Looking for a quality cruiser and 100% financing too, this is the place.

Cruiser Solutions - A Very Well put together site with products that cant be found in most other places.  Great info on Alum. Tubs too.

Four Low - Cruiser kitch!

TPI 4x4 Parts, and lots of them.  Friendly service.

Specter Off Road- The Biggest source of Land Cruiser Parts

JT Outfitters- Like the name!  Great source of Parts.

Mark's Off-Road - Cool parts, nice guy.

Downey Off-Road - Great new site, lots of parts fair prices.

Cool Cruisers of Texas -Great source for info (bulletin board) and a significant amount of parts neatly presented on line.  They also sell fully restored LC's

Redline Motive - A nice source of OEM parts for decent prices.  Also sells many other make and model parts.

Classic Cruisers- A Cruiser Restoration place as well as a place to find quite a few Used parts and conversion systems.

TLC 4x4- Restorer of older Cruiser's. They do offer a limited selection of parts (mostly focussed on FJ-60/62/80)

Restored FJ-40 - These guys do some nice work!

Cruiser Outfitters - A nice new site

4x4 Connection- Used to be Land Cruiser Connection.  Good source for parts. A well put together site.

RuffStuff Specialties - More Metal for LC's and all toys

Man-a-fre Another parts house.

Vintagecruisers -  Deals in New Metal Body Parts - A decent source of used cruiser parts

Landcruiser Trader - Newer to the scene, they have a classified section, BB and also used parts for sale. - SOA, skid plates, diff covers for all Toyotas


Real Steel Cruiser Parts- Just as the name implies - Source for Landcruiser 2F engine specs and complete rebuild kits. - Various parts and whole cruisers can be found here.  They can also procure steel tubs for you.

Parts Inc. -  Cruiser Parts from Pakistan - Lots of used parts available.

Toy - Lots of new and Used parts.

BTB - Premium parts done right

Four Wheel Auto - Canada's source for FJ parts.  They also have stainless Bolts etc

TLC - Frame reinforcements

Land Cruiser Advanced Handling Inc. - Shackle Reversal products

Mudrak's Custom Cruiser - A couple of Custom made products can be found here. - A small new and used parts site

Longfields -Never break a Birfield again.

Premium - Will rebuild your 2F engine.  Good prices!

Pac Lift-800-421-5438 Specialize in Toyota Fork lifts (The kinds with 2F Engines)

Butch Built - Makes custom Cruiser Metal stuff

Marlin Crawler - Lower gears

On Board Air - Just as the name implies

Toyota World - Big OEM parts house  Free shipping till the end of the year (2003), supposedly the cheapest OEM house

IPOR - Iron Pig offroad, brackets and misc stuff  - Used parts, new parts and restos here

TSM - Makers of the original (I think) Rear disk brake conversion

Stainless Steel Trays - Makers of Stainless Steel Battery Trays for LC's

Rising Sun Engines - Looking for a Japanese engine?

Radd Cruisers - Resto's here, a newer site...

Custom Cruisers FJ-40 - Parts and service


Extreme Bends - Parts available here.  In Canada

Hi-impact - Beadlocks and transmission options for your LC

Wimberly 4x4 - Services Land Cruisers

Toyota World - Get your TLCA discount 25% off parts at Jay Marks Toyota....

Matkinsextreme - NEW Land Cruiser Frames!!

Land Cruiser Specialties - Custom parts, LC's for sale

Alternator Starter Express - just as the name implies, great prices

TEQ Hats - Nice

Extreme Gear Off-Road - Crossover Steering

FoxFab - Ooooh  FJ-25 stuff, Nice!

Booster Dewey in Portland does brake booster rebuilds  503 238-8882 

AAI- 5985 Lamar, Denver CO  303-422-3751  Custom makes brake lines.  Good prices, just tell them what you need.


Useful Manufacturer's Web Sites

Toyota - The Mothership

Toyota Land Cruiser Tribute! A MUST SEE!

Winches and Recovery Gear

Con-ferr - HD stuff for your LC

Warn - Winches, hubs etc.

Ramsey - Winches

MileMarker - Winches and Hubs

Superwinch - Winches

Masterpull - Mmmmm, Winch ROPE.... A safer alternative


Tires, Rims and Related Accessories

Staun Products - Tire Deflators

Oasis Off-Road - Tire Deflators

Interco Tires - Super Swampers!

Good Year - MTR's

BFGoodrich - BFG MTKO's

Mickey Thompson - Baja Claw and Dick Cepek



Energysuspension Bushings and body mounts

BDS - My Favorite

ARB - Old Man Emu



Roughcountry Suspensions for TLC's




Body Parts and Exterior

Certifit - Fenders for cheap!

aqualu - Aluminum Body Tub Manufacturers

Bushwacker - Fender Flares

Best Top - Soft Tops  -The old Kayline Soft Top Company

NWMP - Aux gas tanks for your cruiser

mtscompany -  Makers of Poly Gas Tanks

Matkins Extreme - Frames and Body

Wilderness Racks - Carry more stuff

ARB - Bumpers, Snorkels etc

Metal Tech - Roll cages for the serious enthusiast



Tuffy - Center Consoles

wetokole Waterproof Seat covers


Specialty Fasteners and Coatings Bed Liners Rust proof your cruiser


Engine Related Good radiators, 4 core for your 40. - Just like the name says.  And they are at great deals too!

Performance Distributors - They make the DUI Distributor for more advance and power


Drivetrain Related

ARB - Air Lockers

Randy's Ring and Pinion

PowerTrax - Locker

Tractech - Detroit Lockers

Lincoln Locker -Cheap Full Time Lockers

Advanced Adapters - Tranmission and Engine Adapters



Adventure Sports Products -  Off Road Trailers

NWMP - Makers of Gas tanks and other metal custom products


History of the Land Cruiser

Other interesting Links Related to Landcruisers, 4x4 and Off-roading..

WWW.MAXIMOG.COM Wow, wish I were rich and bored...this would be the cure!

The Ice Men Commeth - Big Cruisers Make it across Greenland

Alaska Cruiser Adventure

Broken links:  Anyone have any info about the below?

Back Country - Great place to buy Fiberglass.

It's a Cruiser - Great Step by Step Restoration Photos of Matt's FJ-40.

Classic FJ-40 Cruiser Pics - From back when they were still available for purchase.

www.crusherworld - A general info site with classifieds.

Wardens Auto Repair- A small amount of Cruiser Parts, Great Service, Great Prices, and Some Custom Parts, also does service.


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I am in no way responsible for the quality of service or information at the above vendors, manufacturers and personal sites and businesses.  I have had some personal experience with a lot of them and would be willing to share my experiences with them with you.  Just drop me an e-mail.