Land Cruiser How To's

Installing a Suspension Lift

Transmission and Driveline

Gearing - What should I do?

Drive Line Vibration cures

3-Speed to 4-Speed Conversion

4speed Transmission with 3 speed transfer notes

Transmission/transfer case oil problem...

5 Speed in a '40

Front Axle Rebuild for a 40

Front Axle Rebuild for an 80

Bearing Numbers

Speedi Sleeves

Electric Lockers for your FJ-55 or FJ-40!

Installing an ARB Also useful for setting a differential up.

Fixing Leaky Pumpkins (3rd members)  

Axle Breathers


Brake System

Adjusting Drum Brakes     Rear Disk Brakes

Front Disk Brake Conversion

Extended Brake Lines



Adjusting your Valves - It's Easy!

2F Head Removal 

Engine Break In Procedures

Passing Emissions Tests

Desmoging - For off-road purposes only

Carb Rebuild Tips

Replacing the Oil Pan Gasket

Front Main Seal

Speedi Sleeves


Power Steering Conversion





Speedometer off after you bought new tires?

Replacement Heater Blower Hose

Need more light from your instrument cluster?      Fix#2 - More detailed with Pictures

Headlight Switch Bulb

Door Weather Stripping



Hard Top Rain Gutter Fix

Replacing Lug bolts

Bearing Numbers

Checking and Cleaning the Charcoal Canister

On Board Air

On Board Air Notes

CO2 Tank

Gas Pedal Pads and Vacuum Lines

Hard Top weight etc...

Electric Fan for your 40

Heater Resister Replacement

Bent Windshield Wiper Arm Upgrade




4 Wheel Outing Check List - A list of things to bring when going out 4 wheeling for extended periods

Land Cruiser FAQ Text Based (just another posting BIG FILE)

Vapor Lock (Coming Soon, Suggestions Welcome)

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