So I dont forget where they all are!


Here is a link to where I think the trailhead is.
It's hard to tell exactly where it is based on this map. I know you go up
through Red Canyon to the flat part of the road. Then turn left on Lookout
Mtn. Road. Which is a good size dirt road after some dumpsters and mail
boxes. Then you wind around on the dirt road a few miles until you see the
large trailhead on the right with BLM bulletin boards.

Follow route 82 through Glennwood Springs towards Aspen and take a left at
the second traffic light *outside* of Glennwood Springs. This will be near
the settlement (town?) of Cardiff. You will see a sign for the Colorado
Mountain College on the right side of the highway indicating the turn you
need to make. This will be CMC Circle. There is a very small shopping
center with a gas station on the right just after you make the turn up the
hill. You will see it from the intersection.

Follow CMC Circle to a fork in the road. Bear left onto Red Canyon Circle.

Follow Red Canyon Circle for a few miles (sorry, didn't measure it). At
some point you will be at the top of a hill where you will see a bunch trash
dumpsters at the bottom of the hill. County Road 120 will be the on the
right *before* you reach the dumpsters. There is a crude hand painted sign
with "Road 120" painted with spray paint.

Turn right on County Road 120 and follow it up the hill. About a mile or so
partway up the hill will be a road on the right. That will be the road to
the parking lot and the trailhead.

Quoted by Chris -"Turn right on County Road 120 and follow it up the hill."

One correction. You turn right LEFT after the dumpsters, onto Lookout Mtn
Rd., to get to the trailhead.