March 7th

Troy is learning to smile


March 8th

Troy was weighed again today and he's a whooping 7lbs, 12oz's!   He's gained a pound in just two weeks time.


March 11th

What a flirt!


March 12th

We love Troy, he's so cute.  He's so cute in his birthday suit.


March 13th

So handsome!  Troy got a special shot today to protect him against the flu season.  He was a trooper through it all and now he'll be protected against the RSV virus.   He also got weighed, the porker is up to 7lbs, 15oz's!


March 15th

Troy hates baths, he even hates drying off


March 16th

Troy gets crabby with Ed


March 17th

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


March 18th

Troy missed Daddy while he was in Taiwan and he can't stop staring at him not that he's home.


March 20th

Sleepy boy


March 21st

Happy Birthday Grandma Kathie!


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