Independent Sites - Great information and a diary of how Subydudes progression of mods has gone thus far. - Great info, forums and info on tons of aftermarket parts!

NASIOC - This site is a forum Full of WRX stuff, Forums, reviews etc...

i-club - Same as above

Forcefed4 - A fun enthusiats site

Rallychannel - Good Rally coverage (free videos too here)

Irregardless Wrx - That's not a word is it?

8200rpm - One of the coolest sites out there as it relates to Sport Compacts. The Video section is Sweet!


Parts and Service Vendors

Vishnu - WRX enthusiasts (STi and Evo too) These guys do it right

TurboXS - WRX enthusiasts (and other turbo cars too) These guys also do it right

SPO Motorsports - Staged upgrades, aftermarket performance part and TECH notes (I wish more vendors did this)

BPM - They have been around for a while and have a good assortment of Aftermarket parts. - Great info, forums and tons of aftermarket parts!

JSCSpeed - Lots of parts, and sponsors info sites... - Loads of parts here!

WRXHookup - Great Prices, lots of parts

xxtuning - Good Prices! - Decent selection of OEM and Aftermarket performance parts. - Small Selection of STi and WRX OEM performance parts. - Very small selection of aftermarket parts. - Small selection of aftermarket parts but a good amount of info can be found here.

Oakos Automotive - A good selection of aftermarket parts.

Rallyperformance - WRX, STi, Evo and Mini performcance

iSR Performance - Parts, lots of parts, many specialized...

Cobb Tuning - Performance Tuning for the Subaru - Just like the name says+ - Cool go fast parts

Rallispec - Take that Suby to the rally

WRX Hackers - Tweaking the ECU...

World One Performance - Another WRX aftermarket parts vendor (nice flash animation!)

Speed Monkee - Smaller shop, friendly personal service

MPJ Performance -

Options Auto Salon - They have everything

Harmonmotive - Mods Stock injectors...

Boost-Solutions -

Balanced Performance - Mostly a shop

Turbo Wholsale - -

Fizz Autosports - You want JDM, they have JDM...

King of Imports - Small shop

Redline Motive - Nice online shop with many makes and models to choose from  Great used part locater.


Aquamist - Water injection for your Scooby!

Exede - Makers of the ECU piggy back module

Cobb Tuning - Makers of the AccessPort


BrailleAuto - Makers of the ultrasmall 11 lbs battery.


Unfiled and oddball links

10 second K-car! (near bottom of the page)

Broken Links-Anyone know what happened to these sites? Nice Boost Controller for the Palm Pilot

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